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    Jesmin Liew


    My name on the online certificate is wrong, the spelling is wrong, pls assist to change for me, instead of Jasmine Liew, my correct spelling is Jesmin Liew. The title of the online caourse i take is effective purchasing practices.



    Hi Jesmin,

    Your name has been corrected. Please check again.



    Chea Chip Wah


    After complete the course and pass the examination, do I get the physical certificate?



    Dear Chip Wah,

    After successfully completing an online course, you will receive only the digital copy of the Certificate of Competency. You are able to print on your own.

    The physical certificate will only be given out for an Accredited Designation Award or a Chartered Designation Award. More information can be viewed at the homepage of SIPMM Online Courses.

    SIPMM Support Team


    Nadiah Binte Roslan

    Hi Can I check how do I print out the certificate?


    Dear Nadiah Binte Roslan,

    I saw that you have passed. Please click on “Finish Course” to generate the certificate and you should be able to save as pdf to print.



    Nadiah Binte Roslan

    Hi, after clicking on the finished course, I do not see any option to save certificate or print certificate


    You are able to view and save the certificate under your profile.


    Chit Ngu Wah

    Dear Admin.

    I have completed my online exam and got passing marks. However until now i cant find the cert in my profile. Kindly help to assist on that matter.



    Hi Chit Ngu Wah,

    You may view the certificate on your profile now.


Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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